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【※※胸糞注意※※】美人で優しくて、生徒全員から好かれているmiru先生。修学旅行も自由行動で生徒と一緒に過ごすほど仲良しだったのに…逆恨みにより歯車が狂い始める。「俺と付き合わないとかおかしいだろ?」好かれ過ぎるあまり度を越した生徒達の暴走。優しさにつけ込まれみるみるうちに汚されていき楽しいはずの旅先が悪夢に変わる……。嫌なのに。泣くほど悔しいのに。大量に潮を吹き、イキまくって痙攣してしまう変態なカラダ。2泊3日修学旅行が無法地帯に…。 [※※Disgusting warning※※] Mr. Miru is beautiful, kind, and liked by all the students. She was so close that she even spent time with her students on school trips, but her gears started to go haywire due to her resentment. “Isn’t it strange that you don’t go out with me?” She is so liked that the students go crazy. She is taken advantage of by his kindness and quickly becomes corrupted, and what should be a fun trip turns into a nightmare… Even though I don’t like it. I’m so frustrated that I cry. A perverted body that squirts a lot, cums and convulses. A 2-night, 3-day school trip turns into a lawless area… -